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Our Founding Vision

Before Breakfast Club, the majority of breakfast options revolved around economic choices that catered to the masses, but Kyle saw a gap in the market. He envisioned a place that would attract healthy, active, and ambitious professionals seeking a wholesome meal to kickstart their day.

Breakfast is more than just sustenance; it is an essential part of success. We become what we consume and at Breakfast Club, we aim to provide delicious options using the highest quality ingredients, and never compromise our integrity.

Elevation in A Basic Industry

In 2003, we recognized the need for a new take on the morning gathering place. The idea blossomed from frequenting a local coffee and bagel shop where networking among professionals took place, but lacked substantial breakfast options, which ambitious go-getters value. Inspired by the professional yet inviting atmosphere of coffee shops, the concept of Breakfast Club was born.

Securing a prime location in Old Town Scottsdale became the first step towards realizing this vision. Breakfast Club & Barrista Bar was founded, bringing a "coffee shop cool" approach to breakfast and treating it as a genuine meal that powers your day.

Brunch-Goers Unite

Our values are deeply rooted in the golden rule: "treat others as you want to be treated." We believe in real food as nature intended it-unprocessed, sourced from local growers, ranchers, and producers. The commitment to preparing scratch-made meals remains at the core of our mission, our dishes are designed to power your day, making every visit a step towards success. 

From curing our own bacon, to cooking with healthier oils, to sourcing the highest quality maple syrup around, to creating our own custom barista coffee blend from the finest beans... our dedication to quality. excellence, and service has set us apart in the breakfast game.


Breakfast Club is founded to redefine breakfast for the professional, active, healthy community. 


A significant remodel to further enhance the Breakfast Club experience.


The opening of our City-scape location, expanding our commitment to excellence. 


The Biltmore location opens its doors, bringing the Breakfast Club experience to a new community. 


We proudly celebrate 20 years of breakfast excellence,
serving our valued community. 

A Legacy Of Nourishing Excellence

Today, we stand as a testament to our dedication, local ingredients, and the sustaining goodness that sets the stage for success. Our community of loyal guests, known as regulars, extends beyond mere dining. This sense of belonging, combined with our commitment to superior service, is the heart of our story. 

Every dish is crafted with care, every guest is welcomed, and every morning holds the promise of excellence. 

At Breakfast Club, our mission is clear:
to provide you with a breakfast experience that's as exceptional as you are, ensuring that you'll keep coming back for more.

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